INKDERMA ointment

INKDERMA ointment

Post tattoo protective ointment

“Green” formula specially designed for post tattoo skin protection. Composed solely of raw materials of vegetable origin, it is compatible with all skin types. Its oily structure guarantees a shield against external agents, fully protecting the skin. Inside it there is a high percentage of zinc oxide which helps to soothe redness, rebalancing the normal hydrolipidic film of the skin. Being free of preservatives and perfumes, it minimizes intolerances.

Olus oilHydrogenated vegetable oilHexyldecanolHexyldecyl lauratezinc oxidecera albaCandelilla ceracannabis sativa seed oil



INKDERMA ointment

Directions of use: apply the product on the area to be treated after the tattoo.